DarkDiva's FanFic Universe

Those At Its Center...

The Steel Ellen Burgess: Blunt, no-nonsense, and driven, the beautiful physician has a whole other side of her personality she shares with a privileged few.
The Charmer Andresj’ Cassadine: More mischievous and playful than his other family members, yet still in possession of the very traits that define them: Pragmatic. Passionate. Intense.
The Rascal Grigori Cassadine: Favored cousin with a predilection for mischief, mayhem, and the finer things in life. Especially when in the form of a woman.
The Viper Helena Cassadine: Mystifying matriarch whose thirst for power and control is only surpassed by the pleasure she derives from tormenting family.
The Lion Mikkos Cassasine: Patriarch of the Cassadines and a powerful, controlling, and divisive force within the family, be it in the past or present.
The Hope Nikolas Cassadine: Reserved yet compassionate, and hailed as the ‘hope’ of the family. Yet, the man who would be Prince may very well have less lofty aspirations.
The Cobra Stavros Cassadine: Mecurial. Maddening. Malevolent. Feared by many, those closest to him and who know him best survive by acknowledging one irrefutable truth: Never underestimate him.
The Strength Stefan Cassadine: Mysterious. Guarded. Sensual. The family Regent who spent the better part of a lifetime sacrificing for and protecting others; viewed by many in the business world as relentless and ruthless...traits that can sometimes define him when it comes to matters of the heart as well.
The Wisdom Viktor Cassadine: Life, love, and loss have changed the younger brother of Mikkos. Still, he can be as deadly a foe as any of the clan when it comes to protecting that which he values most: family.
The Power Michael Corleone: Mysterious. Merciless. And in possession of power and wealth that defies imagination. The few who gain his trust and love know the rewards are immesurable...and they accept the price they may have to pay for inhabiting his dangerous world.
The Fire Sabrina DeLane: The name or family may change – DeLane, Cassadine, or Corleone – but those things that define her remain the same: Brazen. Complex. Flawed. Desirable. Bold.
The Thrill Jericho “Jerry” Jacks: The living, breathing personification of a 'good time.' Yet beneath the ever-present grin and twinkle in his eyes lies a complex soul capable of shifting with the greatest of ease from fierce love and devotion to searing betrayal. Still, the man labeled the 'black sheep' of the Jacks family is its greatest strength...and hope.
The Logic Dara Jensen: Calculating and reserved in law, the beautiful, insightful A.D.A. has learned those actions tend to be futile when it comes to matters of love and friendship.
The Confidence Faith Ward: Intelligent, sexy, confident, and breathtakingly beautiful, the most mysterious and complex member of the Ward family is also its boldest.
The Surprise Justus Ward: Intense, pragmatic, and charming. Whether among the Quartermaines or the Mob, he embraces the power each affords him...all the while never forgetting the legacy to which he is forever bound.

And Those Within Its Orbit...

The Intensity Jack Bauer The Runaway Laura Spencer
The Hothead Michael “Sonny” Corinthos The Searcher Lorenzo “Lucky” Spencer, Jr.
The Outsider Alexis Davis The Hustler Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer, Sr.
The Delicate Alexandria “Lexie” DiMera The Protector Marcus Taggert
The Smoothness Ed Green The Fury Giovanni Tieri
The Flirt Jasper “Jax” Jacks The Greed Salvatore “The Bull” Tieri
The Unforgotten Jason Morgan The Coveter Victoria “Tori” Tieri
The Dreamer Emily Bowen Quartermaine The Uncertain Keesha Ward
The Ungrateful Carly Roberts The Reserved Evangeline Williamson
The Fighter Barbara Jean “Bobbie” Spencer

Author's Note: The characters of Andresj' & Grigori Cassadine; Giovanni, Salvatore, & Tori Tieri are the creations of jPenfoldg, who has been so very gracious to let me write for her 'babies.' Gracie, my friend.