Where am I?? I was looking for Pam’s FanFic Haven.
You’ve found it. Same site; new name (and look).
What exactly are ‘scribbletations’?
Anyone who writes can surely recall having an idea for a story, or a line or two of really great dialogue come to you then grabbing a pen to scribble it on a pad. In short, it’s all about writing. Scribbling. Hence…scribbletations.
Okay. Speaking of writing, what kind of stories are found here?
The tag line says it all: All You Need Is Imagination…
Um…a little more elaboration, please?
This is where I – and other writers – examine the dynamics of male/female relationships and the bonds (and sometimes burden) of family, friendship, and love. All taking place in a General Hospital-centric Universe.
Is GH the only Universe you scribble for?
No. Others as diverse as The Godfather or Kindred: The Embraced have been explored; mostly, I delve into the soap realms, focusing on characters from All My Children, One Life To Live, as well as As The World Turns.
Okay. So you write based on soaps, TV shows, and movies. Other than that, what’s so different about the ‘Universe’ you write for?
It’s pretty much the same one you may be familiar with from the shows/movie(s). It just has a very healthy dose of Color, that’s all. ;-)
Nice. Really nice. What about requests for scribbling, you take ‘em?
If I'm (somewhat) familiar with them, I’ll make an attempt to write for any character(s)/fandom(s); it’s all a matter of finding the time. But if you have a storyline idea or need a place to archive your masterpiece…
So, you post stories other than your own?
Absolutely. Just drop me a line.