Don't bother getting comfortable, this won't take long. ;-)

Hey, didn't you used to be....?

If you think you know me from somewhere online, it's because I've written under the names Pamazon, Pamazonne - someone had the same screen name as me; what were the odds, eh? lol - as well as the current (and final) moniker, found on the link that led you here, DarkDiva.

My First Time:

The very first time I put pen to paper was to write the story I've yet to finish, The Ties That Bind. (Ignore those noises you hear; it's my so- called friends laughing hysterically. Oy.) Unbelievably, that was 18 years ago. (Now, do you see why they're laughing? lol)

Love/Hate Relationship:

In that time I've fallen out with General Hospital more times than I care to count. But there has been one constant that has kept me - albeit sporadically - writing: The Cassadines. For that simple fact, I'll always have to have just a smidgen of affection (and grudging respect) for GH; it is the show that gave me one of my favorite characters to read about and write for: Stefan Cassadine. The rest of the clan gets scribbled for, too. But I could quite honestly fill a library with pieces penned solely for Stefan. Wait, I nearly have! ;-)

Let's see, what else....




If I'm not writing...:

I'm watching movies. Truth be told, I probably have a greater passion for these than writing. (Hmmm...maybe that is why I don't write as often as I used to, because I seem to always be in BestBuy grabbing the latest release on DVD!) And though folks tend to marvel at all the movie trivia I know, I tell 'em it's not a whole lot. I'm just one of those 'unique' creatures that sits through all the credits after a movie. ;-)

While I'd be hard-pressed to name a favorite actor/actress (there are so many talented ones), I'm glued to the screen whenever there's anything featuring Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Denzel Washington, or Tom Hanks; that goes double for Sanaa Lathan, Angela Bassett (they should be mega-stars!), and I never fail to be impressed by Renee Zelwegger. (Damn, now if only I could see a movie featuring all three of them!)

When it comes to naming a best film of all time, however, I have no problem at all. Though opinions may differ, I'll always cast my vote for The Godfather Parts I & II. (And no, that's not a typo; I consider them one movie. ;-)) You could say I'm just a bit of a fan! lol

So, there you have it. A few tidbits about me. Did I originally say this wouldn't take long? Hey! There's something else about me you now know: I'm just a wee bit longwinded. *g* But enough about me; go on back to what you really came to the site for...the stories!